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Founders and co-directors, eyespk and L.A.S.T.O.N.E. expanded their artistic intelligence from the visual arts to explore their musical awakening. The “Super Barrio Brothers” ventured across the world in search of “Sound Thought”; exploring different art forms . . . and thus, the coalition of creatives, known as Some Never Really Get, was born.

Some Never Really Get [___] #FEELintheBLANK idea is an open-ended statement that encourages everyone to become an active participant in our world. Finish YOUR statement, but don’t just fill it in . . . FEEL in the blank; let everyone know what Some Never Really Get about YOU.

Every piece of artwork has a story behind it. We are the music to move you; the clothing to spark conversation. 

Email us at info@SNRGmusic.com to say "oh.hi"